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Incredible Foods is a premium food production and processing company predominantly focusing on sublime quality and exceptional customer partnership. We started back in 2018 in Kerala- The land of diverse food experience. Our processes are pristine and polished from scratch. We have collaborated with the right food processing tools and versatile skill set, keeping into consideration the regulations and standards of the industry

Founders started this company with a keen focus on exceptional quality. They are well versed with the industry and appreciate a good blend of better technology and even better food. We believe that nature with its bounty will nurture us for as long as we live. Its goodness is something that everyone deserves, and we are trying to deliver that on your plates easily.

We understand that in a globalized society like this, we live miles apart from where the food is sourced. From source to end consumption, the process is mostly maligned, and consumer rarely gets to experience the purity of it. From farm to a dinner table, the food loses its vigour and taste. Cities chirping with hustle bustle are less and less involved in food production. Our founders recognize the gap and understand the need for quality food in such places. Our creativity, speed and the agility in combination with your support and trust are what keeps us going.

Our equipment

Our machinery is ready to take on complex food processing requirements. We have procured from the best in industry and utilize modern technological advancements to fuel the same. We have got the right tools for the right job and our plant is extremely modular, diverse and flexible. The equipment base that we use meet manufacturing specifications aptly.


We take food seriously. We monitor the procurement process from the very beginning and make sure the supply is organic and harm free. Our supply chain is committed to delivering the best and each of our products is crafted with care and uniqueness. We believe in a healthy transformation of raw ingredients into hygienic marketable products and a smooth integration of our entire supply chain from the farm to your fork.


Cleanliness is our founding principle and there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. We make sure that the process from handling, to processing, is hygienic and well monitored. We avoid direct contact with the food so that it reaches your plates healthy. We have made the application expertise available for the entire process.

Customer service

Customer is the king. Your trust is what matters the most to us and it keeps us going. We live by this mantra. Our staff is trained to reach out to the customer in case of any feedbacks and complaints. We guarantee the courteousness when approached and we feel delighted to help answer any query or question.


We started small in 2018, but the appreciation made us grow quicker than intended. We are now present at three different locations across Kerala so that you can reach us quickly and enjoy quality nutrition on go.


We pride ourselves to be capable of customizing options for our bulk order customers. You are welcome for any suggestions related to an addition to our already existing food line. Any old or new recipe is welcome, as long as it makes you happy.


We are working hard to expand the market beyond while focusing on the maintenance of the quality for our customers. We are working Godspeed and If you find it within you to grow with us, please feel free to contact. We are happy to assist.

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